BLUM: A project capable of changing the crypto market

Blum Crypto is an innovative crypto project that combines the functions of a centralized and decentralized exchange. This project is available as a mobile application on Telegram, which makes it convenient and accessible to a wide audience.

Current capabilities and functionality of Blum Crypto

Blum Crypto offers its users a variety of features, although some of them are still in the implementation phase. At the moment, users can use the Telegram mini-app to farm Blum Points ($BP). By the end of the year, these points will be converted into tokens. Entry to the project is by invitation only, which increases its exclusivity and attractiveness.

The future of the Blum Crypto project

Blum is supported by a strong team, which includes the former heads of Binance for the CIS and Asia: Volodymyr Smerkis and Hlib Kostarev. The project has received significant support from platforms such as Bingx and Binance, which confirms the seriousness of the team’s intentions.

Advantages of the project:

  • Early purchase of tokens through the CEX/DEX model.
  • Trade directly from MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
  • Support for various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana and others.
  • Intuitive interface without the need for registration and verification.
  • The possibility of buying cryptocurrency for local currency.

Blum has been around since April and has already amassed over 2.6 million Telegram followers and over 3 million active bot users. The project is actively developing and supports a large community.

Token Farming at Blum

Token Farming at Blum

Token farming at Blum is simple and affordable. Users need to enter the bot and press the “Start Farming” button. After that, a timer will appear, which will show when the farm is completed. After 8 hours, you need to log in and press “Claim” to receive tokens for the balance and restart the farm.

Daily rewards and challenges

Blum Daily Rewards and Challenges

Blum offers daily rewards for logging into the app:

  • Day 1: 10 BPs + 5 tickets
  • Day 2: 20 BPs + 2 tickets
  • Day 3: 30 BPs + 3 tickets
  • Day 4: 40 BPs + 4 tickets
  • Day 5: 50 BPs + 5 tickets
  • Day 6: 60 BPs + 6 tickets
  • Day 7: 70 BPs + 7 tickets

Users can also complete tasks such as subscribing to channels for which they receive additional Blum Coins. A Drop Game was recently added where you have to collect falling snowflakes within 30 seconds.

Referral program

Blum referral program

Blum has a referral program that allows you to receive 10% of the income of referred friends and 2.5% of the income of friends referred by friends. This provides passive income. The number of invites is limited, initially only 10 invitations are issued. In the future, the developers promise to remove these restrictions.

Listing and future development of Blum

Many users are interested in when Blum Points will be listed and how it will be possible to withdraw the earned funds. The developers have provided a detailed roadmap on their website. Although the exact date of the listing is still unknown, subscribing to the project’s official channels will help you stay abreast of all updates.

After the listing, the real value of Blum Coin will become known, and the tokens can be sold on the following crypto exchanges:

  • OKX
  • ByBit
  • BingX
  • GateIO
  • WhiteBit

Similar projects

Similar projects

If you are looking for ways to make money with minimal or even no investment, besides Blum, there are other similar projects to consider. Example:

  • PixelVerse
  • MemeFi
  • YesCoin
  • TapSwap
  • Hamster Kombat
  • Harvest MOON
  • Catizen
  • Near Wallet
  • Wormfare
  • Avacoin

Blum project team

The Blum project was founded by the former heads of Binance for the CIS and Asia: Volodymyr Smerkis and Hleb Kostarev. Volodymyr Smerkis, having extensive work experience in companies such as Red Bull and Binance, is responsible for marketing and business development. Gleb Kostarev, former vice president of Binance, has experience in operations and strategic development. Technical director Volodymyr Maslyakov has 24 years of experience in the financial sphere and blockchain technologies.

Blum Crypto promises to become a significant player in the crypto industry, offering users unique opportunities and a user-friendly interface for earning cryptocurrency.

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