Simple Tap: Захоплююча Криптовалютна Гра-Клікер з Інтеграцією Гаманця та Реферальною Системою

Simple Tap: An Addictive Cryptocurrency Clicker Game with Wallet Integration and Referral System

Simple Tap is a fun cryptocurrency clicker game reminiscent of Time Farm, Body Pump and Hyper. Developed by the renowned Simple project, this game fully integrates with their cryptocurrency wallet and virtual bank card. Through the Simple Tap mobile app, you can easily withdraw your earnings, ensuring a smooth and secure process.

Starting a game in Simple Tap

Your journey into the world of Simple Tap begins with a Telegram bot. Launch Simple Tap Bot and start interacting. The gameplay in Simple Tap is simple and addictive: click on a coin in the main menu to collect SMPL coins, the game’s currency. Each click brings up to 100 coins per session. Monitor your balance and energy levels at the top of the screen. Energy is restored once a day.

Boosts and tasks

The boost section is still in development, but the Simple community is looking forward to its launch. Follow updates on social networks. To earn extra money, complete tasks such as subscribing to project pages on social networks or inviting friends to the game. For each friend you invite you get 100 coins, and for 50 friends you get up to 6000 SMPL.

Referral system

You can earn not only from direct referrals, but also receive rewards for the income of your friends. Receive 10% commission on your friends’ income. Share your unique referral link, which can be found on the main page or in the “Invite” section.

Game secrets and bonuses: unlock the potential of Simple Tap

To maximize your crypto earnings in Simple Tap, use the following tips:

  1. Complete tasks and get bonuses.
  2. Upgrade boosters and try new, more profitable cards.
  3. Expand your network with a referral link.
  4. Invest tokens in boosters that bring maximum profit.

Withdrawing tokens from Simple Tap: what you need to know

Simple Tap is not yet listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that it is currently not possible to exchange game tokens for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. All tokens are stored in the wallet of the game developers. However, the application now has the ability to withdraw coins to their mobile application in the amount of 10% once a day for users who have more than 20 referrals.

Simple Tap Forecast: Listing date remains a mystery

At the moment there is no information about the listing of Simple Tap Crypto on the exchange. The development team has not yet revealed its plans for this, so the exact listing date cannot be predicted.

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