BodyPump: Новий спосіб фармінгу в Telegram для любителів фітнесу

BodyPump: A new way of farming in Telegram for fitness lovers

BodyPump   is an innovative Telegram bot for those who want to get in shape for the summer season. This project is similar to popular forms such as HOT from Near and Blum. The peculiarity of BodyPump is that there is no need to constantly interact with the screen – it is enough to enter at a certain time to start the farming process.  

The bot is available at the link:

In this project, we will accumulate wBODY game tokens. After reaching the 1 million mark, it will be possible to convert them into real BODY coins and withdraw funds. An exchange function for TON coins is also expected.

The concept of the project is simple: you are a novice athlete who decided to open your own gym and work on your fitness. To get started, you need to purchase a simulator and start training. Earned wBODY coins can be used to buy new simulators and increase the duration of workouts, which will allow you to collect more tokens. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is recommended not to be afraid to spend them on the development of the account.

Tips for effective wBODY farming

As with other Telegram bots, there are nuances here, knowing which you can maximize the collection of wBODY coins:

  1. In BodyPump, the key elements are the workout time (displayed at the top of the main screen) and the machines (indicated by the purple dumbbell mug). It is these parameters that need to be improved. Initially, the training time is 1 hour, that is, you need to enter the bot every hour to collect coins. Simulators increase the amount of coins collected, so investing in more expensive simulators will increase your income.
  2. After launching the program, go to the section marked with an asterisk. There you will find “starter tasks”. Scrolling down, you will see “common tasks” (channel subscriptions, site visits). Completing these tasks will earn you a significant amount of wBODY, which can be spent on purchasing quality machines and improving your workout times. Do not skimp on improving these parameters – it will pay off in the future. It is important to buy not only the most expensive simulators, but also the more affordable ones, because the progress from different types of simulators adds up.
  3. The game implements a 5-level referral system. Although the percentages from referrals are small (1st level – 8%; 2nd level – 4%; 3rd level – 4%; 4th level – 3%; 5th level – 1%), it is still profitable to invite new members. In the absence of friends, you can register accounts on the devices of relatives, which will significantly increase your income.

Why BodyPump deserves attention:

  1. The project does not require financial investments.
  2. The Telegram bot was launched not so long ago (participation in the early stages is usually more profitable).
  3. The project is not as publicized as its counterparts.
  4. The listing date of the BODY token has already been announced – August 1, 2024.
  5. It is obvious that the technological basis for BodyPump will be the TON blockchain.

This concludes the review, friends. I hope that the project will arouse your interest. I wish everyone successful farming!

Latest app updates

The last update of the application introduced boxes that can be opened every hour and receive prizes in the form of tokens. Valuable prizes such as Apple Watch, AirPods, Ton can also fall out of these boxes. Everything is paid out in USDT at market value to your wallet. Good luck!

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