Earn cryptocurrency rewards with Chrono’s Time Farm

The Time Farm bot is here to revolutionize the way you earn cryptocurrency rewards. This addictive Telegram-based app allows users to earn points through simple, regular interactions and tasks.

Although Time Farm is still in its early stages, it is already providing a glimpse into the future of digital asset accumulation. The current release serves as a proof of concept, demonstrating the potential of this groundbreaking platform.

Being a Telegram app, Time Farm eliminates the need to download additional apps. Users can start earning points right away, directly through the existing Telegram interface.

Launch bonus: double points for first users

To celebrate the launch, early adopters will receive double points for the first ten days. Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your profits!

Earning mechanisms

Time Farm offers two main methods of accumulating points:

  • Periodic engagement: Every four hours, users can earn 14,400 points just by opening the app. That’s an impressive 86,400 points every day, equivalent to one point per second. It is symbolic that the interface is a clock.
  • Task completion: The app offers a variety of quick and easy tasks. Upon completion, users instantly receive additional points on top of their recurring earnings.
  • Staking: The staking function of your coins, which allows you to multiply the farmed coins. Accordingly, by freezing our coins for 3 days, we will receive +3%, for 15 days +10%, and for 45 days, respectively, +35%.

You can also improve the rate of earning points by buying new watches:

  • Sand Clock (the first clock) is free
  • Pendulum Clock – 1,000,000 – multiplier x2
  • Regular Clock – 1,500,000 – x3
  • Modern Clock – 2,500,000 – x5
  • Techno Clock – 4,000,000 – x8
  • Joker Clock – 5,000,000 – x13
  • Engine Clock – 6,000,000 – x20

Multi-level referral program

Time Farm has a reliable affiliate scheme that allows users to earn a percentage of their referral points in five generations:

  • 20% from direct referrals
  • 10% from second generation referrals
  • 5% from third generation referrals
  • 2.5% from fourth generation referrals
  • 1.25% from fifth generation referrals

This multi-level system offers the potential to accumulate significant points through strategic referrals.

Multi-level referral program

Future development

Time Farm is poised to become a cornerstone of the Chrono ecosystem. While the current version offers exciting earning potential, future updates promise to expand functionality and integrate more features.

Stay tuned for future announcements as we continue to develop Time Farm. We are sure that our community will be delighted with the surprises we have prepared.

Remember that the double points offer for first time users is only available for the first ten days. Join Time Farm now to increase your rewards and be a part of this revolutionary platform from the start!

The link to the game is Time Farm .

Link to our channel so you don’t miss an update – CryptoMeme .

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