PixelTap Гра у Telegram від Pixelverse

PixelTap: Pixelverse’s Telegram Game – Worth It Or Not?

This app is similar to Notkoin and Hamster Kombat. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this project and answer the questions: why should you join PixelTap and what to expect?

Why should you join the project?

One of the main advantages of PixelTap is the transparency of the project: all information about the developers is open and available from the very beginning.

Pixelverse is a well-known comprehensive platform for various digital activities related to cryptocurrencies. This is a “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) project, which represents a whole ecosystem in the world of cyberpunk. It is developed by a team of 35 professionals, including experienced game designers and HTML5 and Web3 developers.

The project is headed by Kyrylo Volgin, the creator of the Step App, and Mamad, who participated in the development of the game Cross The Ages. Big funds such as BitScale Capital, Kairon Labs, Maven, Metabros, BDE Ventures, Owl Ventures and GDA Capital invested in the project, thanks to which Pixelverse attracted tens of millions of dollars in investment.

Why should you participate in Airdrop Pixel Tap?

  1. Innovative Gameplay : The tap-to-earn mechanism and PvP battles make PixelTap an exciting and interesting game.
  2. Attractive Earning Opportunities : PixelTap offers significant earning potential through various methods including referrals.
  3. Strong Community : An active community and regular updates from the Pixelverse team ensure a dynamic and supportive environment.
PixelTap Telegram game from Pixelverse

How to start playing?

To start the game, go to Telegram and launch the PixelTap bot .

The mining concept is simple: collect coins that accumulate within 8 hours, but can be withdrawn at any time by pressing the “Claim” button. Mining works in passive mode.

Daily rewards

PixelTap Telegram game from Pixelverse

Collect rewards for logging into the game every day and completing special tasks in the Rewards section. There you can complete daily quests with combo cards. You can find the current key to the daily quest in my Telegram channel.

PixelTap Telegram game from Pixelverse

PixelTap combat system

You need to purchase your first “pet” in the “Battle” tab. The next “pet” will be available for purchase in 24 hours. Improve the combat characteristics of your “pet” to win more often in PvP skirmishes and increase your mining speed.

PixelTap Telegram game from Pixelverse

Battle section

In the “Battle” section, you can compete with other participants. If you win, you get additional coins, and if you lose, you lose yours.

The combat system is simple: strike by tapping on the screen in selected areas. The faster and more accurately you do it, the more damage you inflict on your opponent.

The second part of the combat system is a super strike. You need to choose one of the 4 available zones to attack. If the enemy has not protected this area, you deal a lot of damage. Next, choose an area to protect. If you guess where the enemy is going to strike, you can block it. The one who has health points left by the end of the round wins.

Invite friends

PixelTap Telegram game from Pixelverse

Referral system

PixelTap’s referral system has 2 levels. You earn 5% points on your friends’ rewards and 1% on level 2 referral rewards.

Your referral link is on the “Invite” tab. In addition, you receive coins for invited friends: 10,000 coins for a friend with Telegram Premium and 2,000 for friends without Premium.

All about Airdrop Pixelverse (PIXFI)

PixelTap is gearing up for the PIXFI token generation event, which includes an airdrop for players. The more you win in the game, the higher percentage of tokens you will receive. Here’s how you can join and maximize your earnings.


PixelTap is a transparent project with many advantages that has gathered a large audience in a short time. There are already more than 8.5 million members in the Telegram group alone. Due to the experience of the developers and other advantages of the project, the probability of making a profit is quite high.

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